Sunday, 22 February 2015


So I have lately been feeling really meh about my art, I may have also vented about it to a friend on Skype... Sorry! I may have also been feeling really sorry for myself about it (cause I'm kinda lame that way) BUT then I was all "Time to put my big girl knickers on!" and got down to doing something about it. That's when I was all "I'm just gonna draw all day today and see what happens." and thus Draw-a-thon began. I streamed the entire thing. The videos are available to watch on my livestream page: 

I love the result, if I'm truly honest with you.
But I didn't stop there!

Did a full colour too. I'll be doing more of these. The sketches will be a daily thing. First step towards regaining what I feel I lost and improving on it.

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