Friday, 8 November 2013

Personal: Sketches and Doodles and other (not so) interesting things

So with my graphics tablet dancing on the fine line between life and death (It has cut out for a period of days before deciding to work once more) I have been working traditionally. I don't, however, have much of it scanned in and thus am unable to post as of yet.

I just wanted to post a little update. From my previous text heavy post you will know I have been having a great deal of financial problems. This I now sort of have under control and I am getting help in finding a job. As of this moment I am waiting to hear back about an internship in a printmaking and photo/video editing studio. Fingers crossed it's good news I get back!

Oh and some art. I took some requests under the topic of Pokemon trainers (because of the release of the new games) over on Tumblr. Gary Oak was one of the requested and as my tablet wasn't working at that moment he was done in red drawing lead and Copic markers. The second green sketch was done once my tablet started to behave once more.

And the Lionfish Mermaid I posted previously. This is as far as I intend on taking her.