Monday, 30 January 2012

Coursework: Character concepts

Concepts for the freerunner:

we decided to lose the sleeves and change the shoes

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Coursework: New film

New semester, new film. This one however is the one we will continue with over to 4th year. The main film I will be working on has the working title of "Graffiti Runner" Basically it is set in a future world where creativity has been outlawed, unless it is commercial. I will add more details when we have them more set in stone. Anyway the character is male, I am not entirely confident in drawing men so this is well out of my comfort zone. This also makes it a good choice as  it should help me strengthen an area I am not too sure about... expect a lot of male studies. I have taken on the role of character designer and background concept artist. I should also be doing some animation in the final piece, even though this is not my biggest strength... I just hope I do not pull down the quality of the piece. I am happy to say though that I will not have to be doing any 3D work this semester. Much of what I will be concentrating on is in the 2D aspect :). I think that after the last film I wanna try my hand at the 2D again as I found 3D ridiculously confusing, though that being said I probably just need more practice.
I am also doing backgrounds and background concepts for another film in the class, working title "Hope" I am not completely sure on the full story for it, but trust me it's gonna be a good one.

Not doing anything on the "Hope" project anymore. Was told I wasn't needed and that they would do the work themselves

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Personal: Have another painting

I'm quite enjoying this whole digital painting thing :). Anyway just a lil more practice

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Personal: Woohoo I actually finished a painting!

I quite like how the background came out, I may do more paintings in this much more loose, quick fashion in the future. First thing I have fully finished in Sai. First digital painting I have done in longer than I can remember