Thursday, 3 November 2011

Comic stuff

Brief synopsis of the story:

"Lola breaks into the very mental institute she broke out of earlier that year. The reason; she was informed that there was a "sweet" that would help her fight her biggest fear and enemy.... the fish. Lola, not being of sound mind to begin with, does not realise that this is just some elaborate ruse to re-institutionalize her. She breaks in quietly at first, is quickly found. All hell breaks loose (and a few comic panels) but will she get her goal?..."

The first page of this has been pencilled. As the technique I am using is almost fully traditional, pages will be pencilled out very quickly in order to have this piece move along quickly enough.
The pages are pencilled in blue drawing pencil. scanned in and changed to black with the contrast altered to get the blackest black and the whitest white. Afterwards they will be printed out onto heavyweight matte paper and colour will be added with paint, most likely watercolour. These will then be rescanned in, the coloured fixed to look like the originals then text bubbles will be added digitally though not entirely sure if the text will be hand written or typed, this is dependant on how long it takes for me complete the pages.

Anyway, finally we have a reason behind the character concepts and designs thrown onto this blog

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  1. Can't wait to get the rest of the story! Some great drawings .