Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Seeing as this is an art related weblog, I may as well put some pieces of art up.
Most of what I post shows up in my DeviantArt Gallery too, there are only a few things that will only show up here. This will mainly be sketchbook work except from character designs and the odd animation key frame.

Anyway, this first piece I did in a park in Edinburgh. It may become a painting at some point, though I am still debating on whether I do it traditionally or digitally. I may go for the digital route as I feel I need more practise with my tablet and the techniques involved with digital painting.

This second piece I originally drew on a bus trip. Her head, face and body position changed many times in the duration of the trip. it wasn't until about 20 minutes before the end of the hour and twenty minutes long trip that I decided on that particular pose and position. The colour I added with Letraset Promarkers at a later date in an artists corner of a party.

This next one I have come to call "Falling into Insanity". Again its another bus drawing, only this time I gained a few of my ideas from an 8 year old child. She was telling me where and what to put in places. I am thinking of selling this as a print at the next D-Con in Dundee.

"Lilith" is my profile picture for my most recent Dungeons and Dragons character. as she is a changeling druid I wanted her half way through transformations. I liked how this one turned out.
She is coloured in Promarkers as well.

This piece took 3 days to draw out. It is a fanart of Sarah Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades from Starcraft 2. below this image is my WIP screenshot of the colouring progress which I will continue with when I have the time to do so.

And finally, this was a small requested piece from a friend on the game Ether Saga Online. She wanted me to draw her character for her, but left the game before i had a chance to properly finish it. I will finish it one day and send it to her as she saw it this far along and loved it.


  1. Great work Louise, you are amazing at drawing, and I love your dresses. The plan is to visit you guys in animation and see what you are all up to but this will keep me going til then. I love your background texture on this blog- I couldn't have done a better job myself.x

  2. Cheers Rosalind. Sorry I never commented back. The background is actually one of the bog standard pre-made ones on this site... didn't make it myself, wouldn't know where to start :P